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Friday, September 11, 2009

Ezine Arts

I'm really happy because I learned about a blogging platform that makes me write my thoughts, opinions, and ideas about things that matters most. As this blog is Ezine Arts, I believe that the expression of arts must be in the form of writing our inner thoughts. 

We can write about the things that we are passionate about such as food, travel and other related topics. We can also talk about our interests in life - the way we value entertainment and leisure time. Personally, I like talking about my travel experiences, including my favorite places such as Manila Peninsula, Watercamp Resort in Cavite, Dakak Beach, including other popular Palawan and Cavite resorts. I like also writing about recipes and cooking my favorite food products.

Born out of courage and faith, this blog is special to me because it will bring forth so much blessings in the future. I may sound optimistic, but boredom actually engulfed me ever since. No matter what, I still willing to give it a try.  

Thank you for dropping by and feel free to give comments.


Diane Gonzales said...

The photo isn't good but I like the menu. It's full of pasta which I really like eating in a resort. When I'll visit Watercamp Resorts in Cavite next week, I'll make sure I'll dine in their famed restaurant. The good thing is, resorts in Cavite, like Watercamp Resorts offers fine dining. I'm so excited for our next trip!

Thanks for sharing. I like your blog.

Karenade said...

Travel is also one of the interesting topics for blogging. I like reading about hotels and resorts, including popular Cavite resorts.

My favorite Resort in Cavite became popular because of its amazing food, accommodation and services. Mount Sea Resort in Cavite is awesome. Thank you for sharing!

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