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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Road to Happiness

-->The road to happiness is easy to find. It's like avoiding anger at all times. Since it's one of the most treasured quest of mankind, we always value it every now and then.

Last week, I was really angry. I had a falling out with a neighbor. Luckily, I was able to control my feelings. I decided to do things that delayed my feelings of resentment.

There are two things that prevented my anger. First, I read a book about happiness. I visited the library for a change. Second, I wrote about Watercamp Resort in Cavite and revamped my blog. As a result, I had a very productive day.

There is one technique in order to avoid anger. I have been using this one for such a long time. It is good to hold one's anger until it will go away in a man's mind and heart. It means delaying one's anger. This is the best technique especially when there are heated arguments. I will keep us away from too much contention. This technique must also be couple with prayers, that at least, forgiveness and understanding will rule. Whatever it may be, our anger could make or break us. So, there is a need to tame one's temper then.


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