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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Crippling Economy

I got a picture from under the article entitled "State of the Economy June 2009" which is so funny but a realistic frame of the current economy. Indeed, the economy is like the crippling pig that needs crutches to move on. It seems funny but the reality should be our gauge in doing something for the country.

Aside from that, the government is trying hard to save the economy but still the problem is existing. Many people lost their jobs and crime rate is increasing. Nevertheless, there is still hope if we will just work hard and cooperate for the betterment of the economy.
Source: New Geography


Sheena said...

Looking at the piggy bank photo reminds me of my plan to save for travel adventure purposes. I used to save one hundred pesos per week for a visit at Mount Sea Resorts in Cavite this coming December. I chose to visit such a wonderful place because my cousins are also going to enjoy many Cavite Resort Philippines tourist attractions.

Thanks for inspiring me!

Karen Joy said...

Well, you had just stated a thought-provoking scenario. The piggy bank photo looks inspiring for me to save money. I really need to keep some funds for my shopping activity next month. I need to buy Christmas gifts for my mother and sister. I'm also planning to buy a gadget at Cavite Deals Online, the latest reliable shopping ads portal. Nice blog, by the way. I'm waiting for your next post!

Keachy said...

I'm really curious about this post. Will this affect the travel industry? Well, I'm happy to share that Mount Sea Resort in Cavite will continue with its second season of a runway bridal show. I'm so excited for this gathering since last year's event was truly successful. There are many Cavite resorts in the province, but Mount Sea Resort has created a huge following in terms of amazing events for their guests. Thanks for sharing!

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