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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Google's on its 10th
reached milestone, its 10th year just passed. Although I am new in using the blogging platform introduced by Google, I felt the fun and excitement in using it. I am sure that there are millions of bloggers out there who felt the same way too. With them, I would like to thank Google for making their services available to the public. Fellow bloggers, happy blogging!

(credit given to the original owner of this picture)

Happy 10th Anniversary!


Trendy Karen said...

Wow! I love the cake. It's very colorful. I think it's the best design for my birthday cake. We will celebrate the occasion in a posh resort anyway. We booked the function hall at Resorts in Cavite for the event. Even though there are many Cavite resorts, I think it's the best place to celebrate memorable gathering. Thanks for inspiring me.

Daria Cruz said...

Because of Google, I learned many things about medicine. My sister is an aspiring physician so I am really interested about it. She is preparing to learn about laser in dermatology in the future. If given a chance, she is also interested with laser in plastic surgery. She told me that she will learn all the latest development in medicine to serve her patients in a better way.

Karen Lopez said...

I love Google. I found out through the search engine that Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center offered laser competency certification course lately.

Tagaytay City photographers said...

The photo of this blog post is amazing. It attracts online readers, especially those who love cakes and weddings. No wonder it is necessary to take gorgeous photos. By the way, Tagaytay City photographers are doing the same for their clients.

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