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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy: Local Stars with Humanitarian Heart

It is nice to know that despite the destruction cased by typhoon Ondoy many people still offered and gave their valuable time and resources to aid the victims of the flood. Government officials who rendered help to the victims gave so much hope for them to start a new life after the calamity. One of the most touching scenes are those local show business personalities like Jericho Rosales, Gerald Anderson, Ryan Agoncillo, Judy Ann Santos, Dingdong Dantes, KC Conception, Kris Aquino and many others who spent time to help the relief operations of the flood victims. In times like this, people showed their concern to victims of Typhoon Ondoy and their families.

As of this time, more than a hundred already died and others were missing and rescue operations are still ongoing. The giving of relief goods are also continued for there are still families who just started clean-up operations in their houses in the affected areas. Here are pictures and link of a video of the calamity that happened in affected areas: 



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