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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nadine Samonte

When she played Babaeng Impakya recently via Darna, I was amazed by how she managed to remain cute and yet scary sometimes. It is amazing that the story was truly crafted in her favor as the dreaded angelic twin of a scary monster. She was both a human being and a monster in which kids were afraid to watch. Yet, when the angelic and kind-hearted twin comes into view, we all love her portyaral of the character. The most freezing moment is when she decided to give her life for the benefit of the good. She just want to stop the evil deeds being scattered by her twin monster who always invite her to scare and kill people in the most ironic way. 

There is a mixture of fear and fun also in the character played by Nadine Samonte which made the public glued to their TV screens. The hint of mystery and comedy and all brings the story of the Babaeng Impakta so amazing.


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